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  • Caravaggio8

    Ty Weiser-Podlech, Professional Hearthstone Player

    Caravaggio is a sophomore at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. After starting to play hearthstone at the beginning of open beta, and reaching legend for a couple years while playing mostly casually, he started playing more competitively after qualifying for summer preliminaries in 2016. He prefers playing midrange decks but isn’t too attached to any class or archetype.


    Eddie Lui, Professional Hearthstone Team Captain

    Eddie is currently studying his 4th year of Business Degree at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He started playing Hearthstone during the Beta and left the game after playing a few month. He has just started playing Hearthstone competitive 5 months ago and qualified for the Americans Spring Playoffs immediately. Currently, Eddie favorite deck is Quest Rogue and enjoy laddering with it despite the high amount of aggressive decks on the ladder. Eddie will be Kyoto eSports' team captain for the 2018 Pro Team Season.


    Dylan Dreyer, Professional Hearthstone Player

    Villain is a Junior at Towson University in Towson, Maryland, studying Mass Communications and Marketing. Villain started playing Hearthstone competitively after leaving a 7 year professional Pokemon TCG career. He picked up Hearthstone casually about 3 years ago, but didn't start competing until Whispers of the Old Gods released. Since joining the competitive scene, Villain has qualified for the 2017 Winter and Spring playoffs. Additionally, he's won some notable tournaments such as Geico's ONOG Open #10. His favorite deck is Freeze Mage, but prefers to not get too attached to any deck or archetype as the metagame is always shifting. Outside of Hearthstone, Villain enjoys playing board games with friends and being an Overwatch casual.

  • Bizzarro Flame

    Jason Yoon, Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player

    Known for his extremely stylish playstyle as well as popularity in the smash community, professional Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBM) player “Bizzarro Flame” is ready to bring his Ganondorf for a final run in his SSBM career. Although he retired back in early 2016 in order to focus on his career as an attorney, Bizzarro Flame has achieved career success as a young attorney and now is dedicated to spending a substantial amount of time training and competing in SSBM. Thankful to the Super Smash Bros. community as well as the eSports community as a whole for supporting him, Bizzarro Flame is fully ready to entertain as well as offer his time and perhaps his legal background in improving the competitive scene and contributing to Kyoto eSports. When he is not competing or working full time as an attorney, Bizzarro Flame is often streaming on Twitch, creating content on YouTube, or playing Overwatch/SSBM with his fiancé.


    Aaron Espinoza, Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player

    Aaron “ALP” Espinoza is an up and coming Smash Bros Melee player from deep South Texas. ALP started playing competitive Melee in June of 2014. Despite not being able to travel often, ALP has been able to secure rank 5th in Texas and has taken down notable players along the way such as Uncle Mojo, Jake13, Aza, and Rael. Now that ALP has joined Kyoto eSports he will be able to travel around Texas more often and make strides towards becoming the best Texas has to offer.

  • Executives


    Oliver Kanami Denk, CEO, Owner, and Founder of Kyoto eSports

    Oliver "Kanami" Denk, is the CEO and Founder of Kyoto eSports. He started the company in December of 2015 with the sole purpose of helping a friend cope with a loss. The first tournament he hosted amounted to having over 50 people and thus Kyoto eSports was born. Kanami hosted more tournaments after the success of the first one and Activision Blizzard soon took notice with a partnership being formed between Kyoto and Activision Blizzard. This allowed Kyoto eSports to host HCT tournaments which give Hearthstone players points to qualify for larger tournaments. Kanami and Kyoto eSports soon started expanding to other games as well like SSBM and Overwatch, but the company and Kanami still hold true to their roots, being the #1 Hearthstone Tournament Hoster in the Americas server and making video gamers happy everywhere. He has also started sponsoring teams, content creators, and casters for these said games. As of right now, Kanami's main focus is giving players everywhere the opportunity to be great. He hopes that will allow Hearthstone players to have fun and maybe one day become a part of the family at Kyoto eSports.

  • Streamers


    Ethan Mills, Streamer / Professional Hearthstone Player

    SaucyMailman is a multi-legend Hearthstone player and Twitch affiliate that joined the Kyoto Esports team in May of 2017. He got into competitive gaming playing Magic the Gathering and decided to make the move to Hearthstone after many years of playing the trading card game. His sense of humor and light-hearted personality can become addictive and make people want to come back to hang out with everyone in his streams. While staying competitive, he is known for playing entertaining and “meme” decks on camera, which his viewers enjoy and have a lot of fun with. His main focus is on Hearthstone but Saucy also frequently will stream single-player survival horror games and story-driven narrative games as well as the occasional match of Heroes of the Storm. Since April of 2016 SaucyMailman has been working hard to create a fun and entertaining spot in the world of twitch. If you enjoy a humorous and educational stream that will make you both laugh and become a better gamer then check him out and become a part of the “Cult of Saucy”.


    Christopher Brown, Head of the Streaming Department

    Christopher is 26 years old. He’s been streaming for almost 4 years, while being active in the streaming/content creation industry for the same amount of time. Chris has a passion for eSports and video games particularly Hearthstone, Because of his love for Hearthstone. he currently lives in Vancouver together with his Wife, Where he’s close to people whom he knows have the same drive and capability to make a name for themselves in the professional scene. At his heart, he loves interacting with his fellow streamers/community members, and strives to build a thriving stream team under Kyoto eSports.


    Rachel Brown, Streamer

    Rachel is a Hearthstone streamer on Twitch! She lives in Chicago and loves gin and cats. Every stream Rachel grinds the Hearthstone competitive ladder, going for Legend. She produces a very inviting and laid back atmosphere, where anybody is welcome. As a content creator, her goal is to provide an enjoyable experience, as well as create a home for those who are as passionate about the game of Hearthstone as she is.


    Luis Rojas, Streamer

    He will potato shots on clutch situations, but don't worry about it, he will pretend as if it didn't happen. His name is Luis & He will attempt to entertain you for the hours that he is live. Luis is a variety streamer but an avid Tekken player, so you can see him play Fortnite & the next you will see him play WoW or anything that he’s in the mood for! Feel free to talk to Luis, join his discord server & suggest games that you think he’d might like! Feel free to drop by & say hello, he will not be mad if you do.


    Derek Imutan, Streamer and Artist

    Ascot has been active in the Twitch community for 3 years. He has graduated with a bachelor in Fine Arts, hoping to branch off his career into animation. He has established himself as a creative streamer and has done work for many partnered Twitch broadcasters as well as esports mascots. Ascot is known for his character design, twitch emotes, bright and bold style as well as having fluid animations. Aside from streaming and freelancing, Ascot is an avid gardener who hopes to collect different plants of interesting variety.


    Robert Kelley, Streamer

    Frosty is a chill and easy going Twitch streamer who is looking to build a community on Twitch. You will find a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in Frostys streams. You are more than welcome to stop by and hang out with him as he plays a variety of games. Currently his main game is Dead by Daylight. Frosty has over 300 games ready to stream and has a goal to eventually stream every one of them on his channel. As Frosty and his community explore all of these games, both new and old, he wants to reflect on the pros and cons of each game with a potential interest in going into game design/development. As he gets first hand experience with games of all genres, as well as the community feedback that follows, he believes that he can build a true community of driven gamers.


    Russell Andal, Streamer

    Russell is the #2 Blitzcrank in North America for most Mastery Points. He's been streaming since August 20, 2016 and has created a very positive and supportive community, which is still growing. He believes in positivity and has a positive outlook on life. He was introduced to League of Legends in March 2015 as an ADC main. Then, he transitioned into the Support role towards the end of 2015. In 2017, he played blitzcrank for 1700+ ranked games in the season earning him the title of #1 Blitzcrank Champion Enthusiast. The purpose of his streams is to promote positivity through his gameplay in League of Legends while also having fun. The community that he's created for himself is called the "Danger Zone". In the Danger Zone, viewers are more than welcome to join in his gameplay, cheer him on, clip epic memes and overall, have a great time!

  • Moderators


    Matthew Simoneau, Moderator

    While Rogue seems like the average gamer, he is not. Rogue joined the Kyoto Staff in the Summer of 2016 and became the Head of Kyoto’s Moderation Department through 6 months of pure dedication. He has hired over 10 moderators in his time here. Rogue’s dedication has helped push Kyoto to host 5 HCT Tournaments a week. While he takes on more of an administrative role these days, he still helps out with moderation here and there. In his free time, Rogue enjoys playing strategy games and of course, Hearthstone. He plans on going into business and computer engineering during his time at college.

    Gideon Jura

    Ryan Birchfield, Assistant Head of Moderation

    Gideon Jura joined the Kyoto Esports community in November of 2016 and became an official staff member in early January 2017. He started out with competitive gaming with Chess and quickly moved on to Magic: The Gathering. Gideon became very invested in Hearthstone during the Midrange Shaman Epidemic of 2016. He is a 3-sport varsity player, and a star student as well. He will be graduating High School in 2018 and most likely will be studying IT or Computer Engineering.


    Jitiwas Choedchai, Moderator

    ArmNa joined the staff team in early 2017. He is a native gamer in the country of Thailand. He has played Hearthstone for 2 years as well. ArmNa is also a multiple time winner in different Kyoto eSports tournaments and looks to expand his Hearthstone knowledge. He is a dedicated moderator that enjoys his time at Kyoto. He is now in the third position in our Moderation department and spends over 30 hours a week working to make our tournaments enjoyable for players.

  • Casters


    Nathaniel Wright, Caster

    Nathaniel is a Semi-competitive player who loves competing and watching open cups and other Hearthstone tournaments. He joined the Kyoto staff in April 2017 seeing Kyoto as a place with lots of opportunity and good ideas. When he is not playing Hearthstone Nathaniel likes singing and playing Super Smash Bros. He is set to graduate in 2019 and is a top student hoping to major in Economics and Musical Theater


    Austin Weaver, Hearthstone Caster

    Panda just graduated from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, attaining his masters of divinity, moving to Dallas after Graduation. During his last semester, he started to pursue competitive Hearthstone, hitting legend every month since December and placing well in tournaments such as SXSW, Pax South and winning a tavern hero in Austin. He recently joined the casting team for Kyoto and remains a reserve player for the professional team. Other than Hearthstone, Panda enjoys other esports and games, ultimate frisbee, and streaming.


    Benjamin Kelly, Caster

    Ben is an avid gamer who closely follows the competing esports scene. He hopes to one day be able to compete in esports competitions but currently studies Computer Science. A member of Kyoto eSports since February 2017, Ben helped developed the streaming sector of Kyoto, and recently has given over leadership of the casting department to focus on his studies until the summer.

  • Journalists


    Jacob Hunt, Head of the Journalism Department

    Jacob Hunt, otherwise known as Zupple, has been creating content for 9 years, streaming for 4 years, and has owned teams and organizations for an accumulated 3 years. Professionalism is what Jacob abides by when it comes to how he portrays his image. Not only for himself but for the organization he represents. Never be afraid to ask him anything. The only way you’ll learn is if you ask questions, even if they’re questions that seem too simple to ask. The answer is not always black and white.

  • Graphics Designers


    Peter Decker, Graphic Designer

    PGDiv is new to the eSports industry, however he is experienced in video and photo editing. He has utilized these talents to support Kyoto eSports with promotional videos. PGDiv plans on going to Radford University next year to further his studies and learn more about cinematography. Maybe one day he will be filming movies to the likes of Christopher Nolan or Quentin Tarantino. PGDiv also has a close bond with Kanami due to his long history with Kanami and the fact that they attended the same high school.

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