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Kyoto eSports takes on Hearthstone's American Spring Playoffs!

1 year ago

Kyoto eSports is proud to announce that we had 4 players attend the Americas Hearthstone Championship Tour: Spring Playoffs. They were Kyoto Casual, Kyoto RadamD, Kyoto Seohyun and Kyoto TheTrueAsian. These 4 players spent the past 3 months playing on the Hearthstone Ladder and in Hearthstone Opens in order to qualify for these Playoffs consisting of the Top 64 point holders in America.


The first round of Swiss pitted two of our players against each other, Kyoto Seohyun and Kyoto Casual. It was Kyoto Seohyun who came out on top with a 3-1 score, however. Kyoto TheTrueAsian played against YoItsFlo and lost in a nail-biting match that went the distance. Kyoto RadamD played against dog, who was one of the players favorited to win the tournament, and we are proud to say that RadamD broke a lot of hearts during that match when he beat him 3-1.

Kyoto Casual wearing the Official Kyoto eSports Jersey

On to the second round, Kyoto Seohyun was up against lnguagehacker. This match was close but it was Seohyun who grabbed another victory. RadamD soon followed with a second victory against the Dreamhack Austin Champion, Shoop. We then saw Casual eliminate villain in a 3-1 win. Finally, TheTrueAsian showed masterclass in his match when he swept Leoric 3-0. The Kyoto players didn't drop a single game in round 2. This put 2 of our players with a 2-0 record and 2 in a 1-1 record.

Kyoto TheTrueAsian in the Official Kyoto eSports Jersey

The third round of Swiss was heartbreaking for Kyoto. Only RadamD managed to get a win this round. RadamD played and won a tough match against ImmortalLion while Seohyun lost his match against Muzzy, who went undefeated in the Swiss rounds and ended up winning the whole tournament. Thirdly, TheTrueAsian lost against Tempo and Casual went up against Monsanto and ended up losing the match 3-1. Even with three loses this round, our players still had a chance to qualify for the Top 8 Bracket.

Kyoto Seohyun versus Muzzy in his Third Match

Round 4 of Swiss saw 2 Kyoto players get eliminated. Casual was eliminated by Damon in a 3-1 match, and TheTrueAsian was eliminated by Jackmoon. Seohyun lost against Tarei in a 3-1 match but was still in the running for Top 8 thanks to his 2 early wins. RadamD continued his undefeated streak when he swept k3nny 3-0.


Round 5 was RadamD's first loss when he played against Muzzy. While it was a difficult loss, it provided RadamD with the best tiebreaker he could get. With this, RadamD was still high up in the brackets with his 4-1 record. Seohyun eliminated Luker in his Round 5 match improving his record and his chances to hit the sweet spot in Top 8.


Round 6 saw two losses for our players and one of them got eliminated. RadamD lost his second match of the tournament to thelast in a 3-0 match. It dropped RadamD's record to 4-2 but he was still on the board and ready to keep playing. Monsanto, who beat Casual in round 3, eliminated Seohyun in a 3-1 scoreline. At this point, we had one player left in contention for the Top 8.


Round 7 was the payback round for Kyoto. RadamD sealed his position in the Top 8 when he beat Monsanto 3-1. He had avenged our two earlier losses to Monsanto and knocked him out of the running for Top 8.

Kyoto RadamD playing against fourth-seeded DiegoDias in the second Quarterfinal Match

Kyoto RadamD ended up playing DiegoDias in the quarterfinals. While it was a close match, DiegoDias came up ahead and beat RadamD 3-2 in a close set. This match served as a heartbreaking defeat for RadamD and Kyoto alike, but it still gave us an incredible starting point for the Kyoto roster. RadamD’s persistence earned him a Top 8 spot in this cup and now both he and the rest of our roster can work on qualifying for the Summer Playoffs in August.


All in all, the Kyoto players did very well for their first Prelims. We had RadamD finish Top 8, Seohyun finish Top 32, Steven finish Top 64, and Casual finish Top 64 as well. The full match statistics can be seen below.


Full Table of the Match Results of Kyoto Players

RadamD’s quarterfinal games will be further reviewed by one of our resident experts, TheFinalHawk. Until next time, this is Karmakeddon, and you guys always stay cheeky!