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Odd Quest Warrior : A Guide

2 months ago

Authored By : Victor Bialkowski

 Since the Journey to Un’Goro expansion in April 2017, and the addition of Quests to Hearthstone, Quest Warrior became one of the first decks that had its viability boosted by the new card type. However, along with Mage and Rogue, the Warrior Quest quickly lost favor in the meta and was replaced with more powerful decks. Since the beginning of the Year of the Raven rotation, as well as the introduction of Baku the Mooneater, which upgrades a deck’s hero power if it only includes odd-costed cards and Odd decks, Odd Taunt Warrior has made its place in the current meta.


The deck's main purpose is to complete the Quest by playing Taunts and completing the quest, which takes seven minions of the keyword to be played. All the Taunt minions lend the deck to a defensive early to mid-game playstyle, which coincides well with Warrior’s upgraded hero power, allowing each press of the button to give your hero four armor instead of two. Upon completing the Quest, you equip a 4/2 weapon. The weapon also turns your Hero Power into “Deal 8 damage to a random enemy.” So, at the cost of 2 mana per turn, you basically become a Ragnaros the Firelord for the rest of the game. This Hero Power becomes your win condition, and it is a very strong one at that. Compared to the more traditional Odd Warrior which plays defensive all game and relies on stalling out the opponent, this deck becomes aggressive with its Hero Power in the late game, surprising unsuspecting opponents with burst damage each turn.


In my experience, I played a lot of Odd Warrior when it became strong during the Boomsday Project. The deck slowly dropped due to the Druid meta, but since the new expansion and the Druid nerfs, both Odd and Odd Taunt Warrior have both been played more. Currently, I run my Odd Taunt Warrior in any tournaments or leagues I play in. My lineup of Odd Taunt Warrior, Control Priest, Hybrid Hunter, and EvenLock seem to work well in the meta. All players seem to bring a Hunter deck of some sorts and Quest Taunt Warrior seems to cover these matchups well.


Odd Taunt Warrior

# 1x (1) Fire Plume's Heart

# 2x (1) Shield Slam

# 2x (1) Town Crier

# 2x (3) Phantom Militia

# 2x (3) Reckless Flurry

# 2x (3) Shield Block

# 2x (3) Stonehill Defender

# 2x (3) Tar Creeper

# 2x (5) Brawl

# 2x (5) Direhorn Hatchling

# 2x (5) Dyn-o-matic

# 2x (5) Supercollider

# 2x (5) Witchwood Grizzly

# 1x (5) Zilliax

# 2x (7) Amani War Bear

# 1x (9) Baku the Mooneater

# 1x (9) Oondasta


Here are some quick tips for anyone who would like to play this deck in ladder or in a tournament!


Important Cards to Mulligan For against Fast Decks:

Town Crier – Good one drop, with 1/2 stats. Also is a big part of why you play a rush package of minions

Shield Slam – Good single removal especially against cards like Hench-Clan Thug or Vicious Fledgling. Synergizes well with Odd hero power

Reckless Fury – Good AoE removal, very useful like Shield Slam. Helps clear of small minions against decks like Odd Paladin that easily create minions with no health but stop potential snowball games

Low-Cost Taunts – Stonehills and Tar Creepers especially help towards your Quest as well as providing roadblocks for your enemy

Dyn-o-matic – One of my favorite minions and removals in the deck, help spread out 5 damage either against small minions or a single enemy minion


The general strategy against fast-paced decks is similar to all slower decks. Try and stop your opponent from killing you early with removal and constant Tank Up. In some cases, against decks like Odd Paladin or Odd Rogue, it should be considered to mulligan away the Quest to try and draw more removal or minions. The Quest in these specific matchups is not really valuable as if you can stop your opponent from killing you, you already win the game. Against midrange decks like Even Shaman or Even Paladin, it’s fine to keep the Quest since you need some firepower to finish the game. Against midrange decks, simple taunts and spells won’t be enough without a solid win condition.


Important Cards to Mulligan For against Slow Decks:

Fire Plume’s Heart – This is a must keep. The Quest is your win condition in these games

Shield Slam / Town Crier – Your only one drops, and both are great keeps. Both early game minions and early removal is great in control matchups where early pressure can set the tempo

Taunt Minions – Depending on the matchups, if you know the matchup will be very slow and you can afford to keep a Direhorn Hatchling it is very valuable. Other than that, any 3 drop Taunts to help quickly finish your Quest are great.

Gluttonous Ooze – Somewhat situational, but if you know your opponent is potentially running Twig, or Skull of Man’ari this can be a useful keep


Against Control-oriented decks your priority should be to complete the Quest fast (other than stay alive of course.) By completing the Quest and playing out Sulfuras, you put your opponent on a clock by forcing 8 damage a turn. Even if you cannot always guarantee a Hero Power to the enemy face, you should still try to use it every single turn. Keep dropping Taunts and clearing the enemies board as efficiently as possible and keep piling on the pressure. Doing the math, if you have board control only 3 Hero Powers and 2 attacks from Sulfuras should end the game.



    Random Tips and Tricks:

A great Turn 10 board swing (or Turn 9 if you have Oondasta in hand) is to play Town Crier into Oondasta with a beast like Witchwood Grizzly or Baku in Hand allows you to gain great board presence

Blackwald Pixie – A 3 drop that has a Battlecry: Refresh your Hero Power. Might seem irrelevant except for the fact that you can now have a turn where you do 16 damage from Hero Powers

Since the meta is infested with Secret Hunters, although a lot of people know this. You don’t have to attack them when they have secrets up! Obviously, trading is needed sometimes but when you are unsure of what secrets they have in play, you don’t need to attack face. You can just play Taunt minions and let them deal with them. By completing your Quest quickly, you can end the game and not trigger their secrets

Super Collider – Great semi AoE removal, sometimes just playing the card on turn 5 just to set it up is a decent play if you’re not pressured and don’t have Taunts to play