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Kyoto Introductions - SnakeFawdz

6 months ago


Where did you grow up?


Where I grew up? I was born and raised in New York in one of the five boroughs. While I wasn’t born in the best, and most prestigious neighborhood, it wasn’t exactly full of sunshine and rainbows either. Gunshots regularly littered the streets, stabbings, homicides, generally not a good place, however, over time the area has become a bit more gentrified. This whole “Thuggish” kind of area really taught me to adapt to my surroundings, as you must fit into your surroundings and adapt to what is around you.


What first got you into gaming?


I’ve been into gaming for longer than I can remember. My parents citing several photos of me having fun on a Gameboy before I could even write my name. However, most of the childhood gaming came from the elusive Nintendo Gamecube, a console only remembered by its amazing library of games. With classics ranging from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, to Super Smash Brothers Melee. Both of these games provided endless hours of fun as a child, as exploring the large open seas of Hyrule, to bashing in the faces of my friends in SSBM. This, however, segwayed into a larger interest in the genre, eventually leading to the installation of Counter-Strike on my family computer. This game really got me interested in the esports side of gaming. I did also have a heavy interest in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, as I had the disc I borrowed from a friend, that I unfortunately never returned. This eventually leads to my interest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a game that got me into the meat of the competitive side. While I was relatively unsuccessful in CS: GO, other games such as Team Fortress 2 and currently Hearthstone, really allowed me to elevate and succeed in various tournaments.


How did you first find Kyoto Esports?


Kyoto Esports was hard to miss, as they were one of the few organizers who constantly put out nightly tournaments that would also double as qualifiers for the Challenger Finals. The challenger finals were a qualifier tournament for the HCT system, and a way to eventually get to the World Championships. The reason I had joined however came when they put out an advertisement in their discord, with the need for new writers for their article collum on the website. This piqued my interest while I had a love for Hearthstone, I had been enjoying playing the ladder less and less. I of course, then had started to pick up and interest in writing and the two eventually met. I was promoted the head of the department, when the original head of Journalism Zupple, had stepped down due to personal reasons. I was selected due to my excellence in providing consistent content. He had said he saw me as the best candidate and offered me the spot.


What is your favorite part of working with Kyoto?


Well, In honesty, I’m not sure. However, the whole staff team is a fun little bunch that is always great to work with. I’ve even made a few friends that I play games with outside of the Org.


You mentioned you have some experience in Hearthstone, what is your favorite Hearthstone deck?


This is a no hesitation answer for me, Control Paladin. It’s a deck that promotes extensive knowledge of the game and is a great challenge of balancing your resources until your opponent concedes. The other deck would probably 2014 Control Warrior. It had the same challenges of the Paladin, however, it would often go for longer amounts of time, requiring a much greater trial of skill.