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Why do we need Aggro in the meta?

10 months ago

Why do we need Aggro in the meta?

By: SnakeFawdz



Why do we need Aggro in the meta?


After the recent balance changes regarding Call To Arms, Possesed Lackey, Dark Pact, and Spiteful Summoner, the meta was shaken up to the point where it had the effect of essentially a standard rotation. It forced the main decks of Even Paladin, Cube Warlock, and Spiteful decks, in general, to be taken a peg down and allow for other decks to rise up in their place. The main reason the other decks were so oppressive was that of how early they were able to take and maintain the board. It forced deckbuilding to devolve into “How do I deal with a turn five voidlord?” or “How can I deal with a turn four Call to Arms?”

These nerfs to Call To Arms, specifically, had practically gutted the Even Paladin archetype, as you could not run it anymore due to the cost being increased to be odd. This meant that it would be great in Odd Paladin right? This, however, is fine, as spending five mana to recruit three one drops from your deck is much more balanced, rather than the previous spending four mana to pull three two drops from your deck, which was much better. On the topic of Cube Warlock, it is still able to exist as a solid high tier two deck while still maintaining a high win rate across the board. While the overall power level of the deck is hurt, the core of the deck is still able to function fairly well. Spiteful decks have been seriously knocked out of the meta as the extra turn it takes to drop the spiteful allows for many more answers to counter it, such as a Psychic Scream, an Equality + Consecration, or other late game board clears.

Now, what’s happened to the other classes? Well, this on the bright side has brought one of the most diverse metas since Un’Goro, as every single class has a deck that is tier two or better, meaning rather than a feeling of rock, paper, scissors on ladder, presents a much more refreshing feeling while grinding to the top ranks. However, the new patch brings a new problem, the current aggro decks are not able to compete with control decks. For example, Druid is able to run basically any win condition they want, as the power of their Anti - Aggro, Ramp ability, and Armour gain abilities are so powerful. Currently, people are hitting legend with a deck that revolves around a combo that requires 5+ turns of set up using King ToggleWaggle and Azalina SoulTheif. Rather than being meme material, the meta has slowed down to a point where this is a viable deck.

However, what about Even Shaman or Odd Paladin you may ask? A problem arises with these decks, as in the case of Even Shaman, it often plays a more controlling role due to Hagatha, and the aggressive role is often not used unless an early Murkaspark Eel, CorpseTaker, or Flametongue Totem comes into play. The more aggressive lists that run 2x Knife Juggler and 2x Dire Wolf Alpha, often are not seen outside of ladder, which often leans toward more aggressive lists in general. What about Odd Paladin? The Odd Paladin is often shut down early due to its predictability. Once a player understands that Level Up on 5, Vinecleaver on 7, along with a hero power nearly every turn, as long as you don't draw very bad, or don’t draw your answers. Its board flood power is just weak in comparison to the anti-aggro tools available to control decks. Odd Rogue is probably the last possible deck to be considered aggro, however, while it is a great ladder deck, it’s tournament play is limited. What does this mean for the future? Well, unless the next expansion introduces some more powerful aggro tools, we could be in store for another meta of very long games.


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