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HCT Summer Playoffs Americas’ Lineups

1 year ago


HCT Summer Playoffs Americas’ Lineups

By: SnakeFawdz



HCT Summer Playoffs Americas’ Lineups

At a Glance


  • 28x Control Priest

ROGUE - 37

  • 20x Quest Rogue

  • 14x Odd Rogue -

  • 1x Miracle Rogue


  • 56x CubeLock

  • 10x ControlLock

  • 2x ZooLock

DRUID - 60

  • 48x Spiteful Druid

  • 10x Taunt Druid

  • 2x Token Druid

MAGE - 31

  • 29x Tempo Mage

  • 2x Control Mage


  • 32x Even Paladin (Val’anyr)

  • 13x Even Paladin (Dude)

  • 9x Murloc Paladin


  • 6x Odd Control Warrior

  • 2x Recruit Warrior


  • 4x Spell Hunter

  • 2x Face Hunter


  • 2x Even Shaman







So, there are a lot of numbers here, but, what do they mean? In short, I went through every single player's lineup and marked down what their general plan was with their lineup.

A “Best Deck” Lineup is anything with three or more of the best ladder decks, this mostly is comprised of a mix of Tempo Mage / Even Paladin / CubeLock / Spiteful Druid / Control Priest. These are decks that I don't expect to make it too far, as there are certain lineups I believe, specifically with Quest Rogue, are better.

A “Hyper Control” Lineup is a lineup that involves three or more of control decks, with the fourth occasionally being a Quest Rogue, or a toss up, such as Fr0zens, or  Fibonacci’s Spell Hunter.

A “Hyper Aggro” Lineup is something with three or more aggro decks, and in a few cases four aggro decks. These lineups usually involve three, with the addition of Cubelock.


Now, from the looks of this, the amount of deck diversity is very low, as most lineups will follow the simple formula of, “getting the best four decks”, then playing out. However, a few people had decided to attempt to innovate, and brought some exceptionally odd lineups.


Fibonacci And Fr0zen’s Recruit Warrior and Spell Hunter



One of the few innovators were possibly two of the biggest names participating, with the Recruit Warrior and Spell Hunter. The specific builds for these decks are much more anti-aggro oriented, with the Warrior lists running 2x Warpaths, 2x Iron Hide, and 1x Reckless Flurry, which can largely shut down the likes of Even Paladin. The Blood Razors and double Brawl also help greatly with the matchup, nearly guaranteeing the big legendaries to be slammed down and get the value in.

For the matchup of Spell Hunter, its a bit odd, as the only real threats in the deck are the upgraded spellstone, Rhok’delar, and possibly the two copies of To My Side. The glaring problem with this deck, is one with so few threats, while it holds some chance against aggro decks, with the secret package being able to contest aggro.


Lnguagehackr’s Heavy Control Lineup



With this lineup, we see some of the few instances of Control Mage, along with another rare Odd Control Warrior, both aiming to outvalue and outlast the competition. The Mage opts to include Dragoncaller Alanna, an extremely late game tool that, when drawn early, is dead for most of the game. However, the inclusion of 2x Witchwood Pipers allow for the Artificers to come early, and gain large value off of the board clears.

The Odd Control Warrior includes the rush package, with a few specific techs, such as BGH or Mind Control Tech in order to curb the early game, and manage to squeeze value out of the late game with cards such as Elise the Trailblazer, along with King Mosh + Whirlwind for an impromptu Twisting Nether.


SwaggyG’s Even Shaman



Even Shaman has seen massive success in Wild, however, what can it do in standard? I predict not much. While it does have massive staying power due to many big drops, it may damage the early game, as the totems may not be able to secure the early game against the likes of Even Paladin, or have its late game stand up to the CubeLocks.


Muzzy’s / YoItsFlo’s Token Druid



Both have used identical lists, however, Token Druid can prove to be an upset deck, especially with cards such as Spreading Plague to shut down aggro, and Soul of the Forest for sticky boards. It should have a good record overall.


Also, I want to let you know that Kyoto's own Seohyun and Villain are competing in the HCT Playoffs. We at Kyoto wish them the best of luck, and hope to see them compete at their best.


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