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Hidden Boss Showcase

1 year ago

Hidden Boss Showcase

By Harryherzberg



Hidden Boss Showcase

You have been playing this game for a few years. You know most of the members in the community. You even manage to place top 8 in some tournaments. You have a good idea who you can beat, and who can beat you in this community. One tournament though, things are different. The attention is focused on a person you don’t know, even though you have been to every single Weekly in the past few months. You assume that they are some out of towner, or someone who used to live in your town, moved out and then decided to move back. Then, something happens that shatters your view of the world. This random person goes on to beat multiple pr players, and even take the tournament! Who is this person? A top player from another country perhaps, or maybe someone who just missed out on top 100 in Miom? Nope, this person is, in fact, a hidden boss. In this article, I will be showcasing the hidden bosses from different regions, and then composing them into different tiers of bosses.


First, the criteria to be considered as a hidden boss.

1. You cannot be currently ranked on your State’s PR. Being on your towns pr is fine, same as if you are in a school pr.

2. You must be able to upset a state PR player or provide a good level challenge to them.

3. You must not have attended more than 5 major weeklies (more than 30 players) within the past 6 months, and 3 major tournaments (60+ players)


Hidden Boss Tiers


Tier 1 (Crazy Hands) :

This hidden boss is a strong contender for top 100 if they were more active. This hidden boss has a really good chance of taking on pr players, and even taking tournaments. If you aren’t on pr, you stand little to no chance against this boss.

Tier 2 (Master Hands):

This type of boss might get top 48 at a major, even though no one has ever heard of them. They stand on the same level as the last few members on the state pr, and if they were more active, they have a good chance of making it on to the pr.

Tier 3 (Giga Bowsers):

These bosses may be able to upset the last member on the pr, but also have a good chance of losing to one of the better players in the tournament. They still stand a good chance of making top 8 at a smaller local, but they would rarely be considered for pr, even if they became super active.


I will be asking top players and TO’s of the regions who I should feature. I will keep the Identity of the selectors confidential.


So, without further ado, here are the hidden bosses of SoCal:

Giga Bowser Boss(‘s).

Epic Murloc

Main (Ganondorf)

Epic Murloc


Apart from taking a set off of the 25th best player in the world, Epic Murloc has also taken Absent Page to a really close last game. Most people don’t think Ganondorf is fast, this one certainly is. This Ganondorf, while not being the most combo heavy, has insane movement with his wavelands. He uses Ganondorf’s wavelands to become deceptively fast and capitalizes on this by throwing Ganon’s huge hitboxes around. This allows him to completely control the stage, and to trick people who think that since Ganondorf is slow he won’t be able to reach them.

Epic Murloc is definitely a contender for most small locals and most locals not in SoCal.  If you run into him at bracket, you better watch out. Check out this video to see Epic Murloc in action!


Master Hand(s)

   There are no master hand players for SoCal. Why are there so few hidden bosses in SoCal? I quote one of the people I asked for help in creating this list: “For the criteria, it's hard to pick players that don't break number 3 because of how many tournaments there are, at least here in SoCal.”


There are people in SoCal who aren't known outside of SoCal, but they still attend enough tournaments in SoCal to not be considered hidden bosses. (Players like Mega Christmas and Lil Snack.)


   Crazy Hand(s)


      Main (Ice Climbers)


Say what you want about Ice Climbers, but Kobayashi has a crazy sopo. This player has won the SoCal Arcadian, has an extensive knowledge of handoffs, and has the best punish game equipped by every Ice’s main. But, playing against this player, you will notice a few things.

1. He doesn’t spam grab or shield grab.

2. His sopo is insane

3. He will use the disjoint on his hammers hitbox to combo and punish you. If a Marth main picked up Ice Climbers, I would imagine that they would play like Kobayashi. Using the disjointed hitbox like Marth spaces his tippers. Definitely a player to watch out for, and if he was seen at more majors I wouldn't be surprised if he started taking names. Check out this video to see Kobayashi in action!




Q. I don’t want to be in this article and/or don't want this image of me in this article. Who do I contact to address this concern?

If you are in this article and would like something about you to be removed, please contact me at and I will do it as soon as possible.


Q.  You missed ______ they are definitely a Hidden boss.

I try my hardest, but some people will slip through the cracks even if they are a hidden boss. As time goes on, I will be able to contact more people in a certain region, so mistakes like this will happen less frequently.


Q.  When will you do ______ region.

My goal is to do every single region, not just in the united states, but in the entire world. That being said, I will first be doing regions where I know the Top Players and TO’s, or have friends who can put me in contact with them. If you know any Top Players and TO’s in a region, I would be super grateful if you sent me an email.


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