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Kyoto Hearthstone Prepares for 2018

1 year ago


Kyoto Hearthstone Prepares for 2018

By Jacob “Zupple” Hunt


Kyoto Hearthstone Prepares for 2018


With the 2018 Hearthstone season well underway, I sat down with Kyoto eSports’ professional Hearthstone team and got their take on what is to come this year, as well as their experiences while being signed with Kyoto eSports.


(Question #1: Zupple):  “What are your goals for Hearthstone going into 2018?”


Caravaggio: “Make all of the playoffs. Only 4 players make the championship. Then there’s the top 8, out of 64, that means that 24 players over the course of the year are top 8. So if you’re making 3 playoffs, and you’re an above average player at those playoffs, you have have a better than 50/50 shot to at least be top 8 during those playoffs I think. So that’s my goal. It would be nice to have some success at major as well, but i think my main goal is to succeed in HCT.”


Seohyun: “Get golden cardback (Prelims Top 8), win a major, do well in tournaments, and become one of the best coaches on Gamer Sensei.”


Villain: “I was a student for 2 years in college. I took a bit of a break for about close to 2 years now. I had plans to go back for the Spring semester to do some online classes but i missed the registration time for that. So I won’t be doing online classes until the Summer, so that’s the plan moving forward. With how much time it takes to go full time in Hearthstone now, especially with the introduction of tour stops online as well as how much ladder you have to grind, it’s just going to be good for me to at least get all of season 1 out of the way uninterrupted. I won’t be going back to school until the summer, as well as not worrying about a job, i’ll have all of this time to put into Hearthstone while not being interrupted. But yeah, i’m hoping to make it to a playoff and and get to a championship through the playoffs.”


(Question #2: Zupple): “What have your experience been so far in Kyoto?”


Caravaggio: “It’s been good, i’ve been here for a year so far. It certainly makes it easier to compete than not being on a team. It’s nice to have financial support for travel. Both with the players we have now, and the players we had last year, I enjoyed talking to them. They’re good players and they’re good to practice with. It’s been overall a positive experience.”


Seohyun: “Great experiences, great teammates, and great environments.”


Villain: “Yeah, i’m just a couple weeks into my contract but it’s been very nice so far. Kanami’s been really accommodating so far. Within days of the first Major being announced, we’re already making plans to travel to it. So uh, yeah, it’s been very accommodating so far and everyone’s been really nice. All of the staff team seems really cool too.”


(Question #3: Zupple): “Before you went pro in Hearthstone, what did you do to get to this point in your career?”


Caravaggio: “I started playing Hearthstone right in the beginning of open Beta. I just played it kind of casually for a couple years. Didn’t put too much thought into it. And then, two summers ago in 2016, I just kind of had nothing to do all summer after my first year of college and decided to try to make the Hearthstone playoffs. Got a few finishes in Open Cups, got a top 100, and made playoffs by randomly deciding to go for it. Then, after that, I put in more time to be actively competitive.”


Seohyun: “I played ladder and competed in Open Cups to get more experience when it came to playing in a competitive setting.”


Villain: “I’ve been playing Hearthstone competitively for two years, but before Hearthstone I played the Pokemon TCG for about 8 years competitively. There I went to the World Championship 3 times. I never won anything too huge like regional championships or state championship, anything like that, but just had consistent performances like top 4’s and top 8’s at Majors. My biggest accomplishment was at Pokemon Worlds when I finished top 16 in 2015. That was around the time I quit. The game was getting a bit stale to me after playing for 8 years. I discovered Hearthstone from some people who were playing Pokemon at the time. I played just casually at the time when I was at the 2015 Pokemon Worlds, and shortly after decided that I was just going to give up on playing Pokemon for the year. I was also in school at the time, so it was getting harder to keep up with traveling to all of the major events seeing as it was a paper card game with no competitive online presence. This allowed me to put more time into Hearthstone as I could play from home. I then discovered the HCT circuit and that’s when I really got into it.”


(Question #4: Zupple): “If you could talk to Kyoto’s community right now, what would you tell them?”


Caravaggio: “Given the previous year, we hope that our community has noticed the success we had. We had all of our players making playoffs, we had Seohyun getting top 2 at Dreamhack while one game away from a major win, and we had RadamD? (check that) one game away from making a Championship. I think we’ve already been successful as a Hearthstone team and I see no reason why that shouldn’t continue going into the new year.”


Seohyun: “Thanks for supporting us, we hope that we can shine and make ourselves worthy to be supported.”


Villain: “The future looks really bright. Blizzard just added all of these really nice features to the HCT circuit. They’ve taken away all of the Open Cups which we all really hated as a community. You know, Open Cups were really such a miserable experience. While they still kind of exist in the tour stop system, especially in the tour stop double elimination brackets. If you fall into losers bracket as early as I did in round 1, you have to win 15 matches in a row to qualify, which I think is pretty unreasonable. But I still think overall they’re better than the Open Cup system because you could win 9 rounds in a row, and you’d get 5 HCT points, that’s it. Now winning this thing gets you a trip to Brazil, Germany, wherever their venue is along with the points that you used to get before with a chance at money. All while not being as frequent as the cups used to be. But yeah, I think Hearthstone eSports looks really exciting for 2018. That’s the reason why i’m excited to be joining Kyoto and having them support me for the whole year.”


We too are excited to have you on board, Villain, as our newest addition to Kyoto’s Hearthstone Team. As you can see, all three of our players are dialed in for 2018’s season with a fresh and renewed perspective of the opportunities that lie ahead for them. With Seohyun making Red Bull’s “6 Canadians destined to shake up eSports in 2018”, as well as making it to the top 16 of Copa America while preparing to travel out to Sao Paulo, Brazil after going 10-0 throughout the tournament, we’re more than excited take the Hearthstone scene by storm.


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Kyoto Hearthstone Team Captain @seohyun628_hs has made it to the Top 16 of the @BlizzLatAm Hearthstone Copa America and will be traveling to Sao Paulo, Brazil to continue his 10-0 journey through the tournament. #KyotoWin

— Kyoto eSports (@Kyoto_eSports) January 27, 2018


Congratulations to Kyoto Hearthstone Player @seohyun628_hs for making Red Bull's 6 Canadians destined to shake up esports in 2018! #KyotoWin

— Kyoto eSports (@Kyoto_eSports) January 24, 2018