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Kyoto eSports Enters Super Smash Bros Melee with Three Top Level Pickups!

1 year ago

Kyoto eSports is proud to announce that we now have a competitive team for Super Smash Brothers: Melee! SSBM is a GameCube game from 2001 in which various characters from different Nintendo games enter a battle arena and fight. It has a thriving competitive scene, and a large streaming audience. Three incredible US players have signed on to fight in the name of Kyoto!
Bizzarro Flame

Bizzaro Flame (Jason Yoon), ranking in the top 100 globally, is back in the competitive scene. He first began playing competitively after discovering an online competitive forum, and has spent years practicing during college and law school. After retiring in 2016 to focus on his career as an attorney, he solidified his position his law firm, and, as a result, he had more time to focus on gaming, especially competitive Smash. He’s well known for his stylish playstyle, showing off and messing around with his opponents almost to a fault. His techniques focus on brutal punishes and disrespecting his opponent, making him famous among the community. This extra flair has served him well, and he is considered the second best Ganondorf player in the world. His favorite memory of playing the game is “the 2015 Apex Salty Suite against Eikelmann, or taking a game off Armada at ‘I'm Not Yelling,’ a regional tournament.”

Ranked at #59 in the world, (Austin Self) is a long-time fan who began playing back in 2005 with some of his best friends. While trying to improve his playing, he ended up on a team with some friends, and hasn’t looked back since, Years of local tournaments have conditioned him well, pushing him to place first in seven tournaments, including Battlegrounds, Smash at Xanadu 5/27 and 6/3, and Dismantle 2. He mainly plays Fox and Marth, and has been consistently streaming SSBM as well as speedruns and older games in his spare time. Since he began playing, “almost all of [his] friends/best friends have been derived from the community over the years. It's a pretty amazing thing.”

ALP (Aaron Espinoza) is an up-and-coming player from Texas, presently ranking #5 in the state. He began playing Melee with his siblings as a child, then eventually forgot about it. However, when the sequel was released, his friend brought him to a tournament, and insisted that he also join a Melee tournament. He loved it, and has been playing ever since. Despite not being able to travel very much, he’s made a name for himself in Texas, and hopes to be able to travel more actively now that he’s signed on with Kyoto. In his own words, his favorite memory “with Melee from a non-competitive view has to be when I played the game casually with my siblings. I remember using Fox when I was around 6 years old and spamming his firefox attack lol.”

    We’re very excited to have all three of these amazing players signed on to play for us - keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements from Kyoto eSports over the coming weeks!