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Will Sanders Wins Kyoto’s Hearthstone Challenger Cup

1 year ago

Will Sanders Wins Challenger Cup

By Jacob “Zupple” Hunt



One of Kyoto eSports’ Challenger Cups was hosted on January 21st, 2018 (Link to bracket: While there are many players who end up winning these Challenger Cups, I got the chance to interview one of the latest winners, Will Sanders. Will ended up with a record of 9 wins and 1 loss on the night, pulling out a 2-0 victory over burrohhh in the grand finals. With high hopes of performing well in the 2018 Hearthstone season, plans of attending EGLX, and a Challenger Cup finals invitation, Will sits down with me to answer some questions about his experience in Kyoto’s Challenger Cup, as well as his plans for 2018.


(Question #1) Zupple: “During your time in Kyoto's Challenger Cup, how was your experience overall?”


Will: “Everything was very smooth as far as the ban process goes. Choosing decks, registering, everything is pretty simple. Everything is set together, it’s all on one page. I like how the discord for questions is separated from the actual tournament page. I’ve been in some that have it altogether, and it can get kind of messy flipping through everything. But yeah, I really enjoyed it. I preferred this from others i’ve played in.”


Zupple: “Yeah, I find it incredible how much time the moderators of the tournaments put into this. I feel like ArmNA, one of our tournament moderators, never sleeps.”

Will: “Yeah for sure, all the mods were super helpful. They have to be there hanging out for hours.”


(Question #2) Zupple: “Which decks did you use in the Challenger Cup?”


Will: “I brought Tempo Rogue, Spiteful Summoner Priest, and Aggro Druid.”


(Follow up question) Zupple: “Which deck were you most successful with?”


Will: “The most successful was Tempo Roque for sure. My Druid was banned most of the time, and Priest was banned once or twice.”



Will's deck lists for the Challenger Cup
Will's deck list for the Challenger Cup


(Final Question) Zupple: “What are your goals going into 2018's Hearthstone season?”


Will: “My original goal was to qualify for the Challenger Cup things. I want to qualify for as many different avenues to get to the seasonal playoffs, then see how far I can get past that. So this is the first step that I wanted to make sure I had, playing in these tournaments and making sure I had gotten that qualification as well as being able to play in the Challenger Cup finals. Next is going to be grinding ladder a lot more now, hopefully just earning coins. I’m hopefully going to EGLX, which is the America major in Canada. It’s coming up in March. Do well at that, make sure I work on earning points, to then qualify for stuff through points. Then there’s the Challenger Cup, where I get to play in that in March.”


On behalf of everyone here at Kyoto, we want to congratulate Will Sanders on winning Kyoto eSport’s Challenger Cup. We hope to see you reach great success in March, as well as the rest of 2018.


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Just got my Challenger Cup finals invite! Last night I won the @Kyoto_eSports Challenger Cup going 9-1 (18-5). I finally get to end a tournament tweet with feelsgoodman c:

— Will Sanders (@sillwanders) January 21, 2018