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Kyoto eSports takes on GTX and Big House 7

1 year ago

By Clint “Landry” Thomas


This week, Kyoto’s Melee players are having back to back tournament filled weekends. The Game Tyrant Expo (GT-X) just wrapped up this past weekend with the Big House 7 starting on Friday.


With a super prize pool, GT-X was an important event this year. Hungrybox took home first place along with a nice paycheck. Bizzarro Flame attended the tournament on behalf of Kyoto. Although he enjoyed the event, he didn’t have the best performance. He lost to Syrox in winners semis during his pool. In losers, he lost to Blue Jay in the losers finals to make it to the top 48.


“The fox match-up is so hard nowadays. It's the main match-up that I keep losing in against similarly leveled players,” he said of his loss. Nevertheless, he had a good time and loved hanging out in Salt Lake City.


Looking at this weekend, Redd will be fighting hard at Big House 7. After getting in the top 32 at the last two majors he attended, he feels confident about the tournament.


“I’m really excited to compete this weekend. I took a little break after Shine and then got right back to it,” Redd said. “My expectation is top 48 bare minimum, shooting for top 16, will realistically land between there. Gotta stay warmed up the whole time.”


Though he is best known for his Fox play. Redd may bring out a counter-pick Marth against certain species, a pick that he is hyped for.


On who he thinks who will Big House, “Armada. He wasn’t super content dropping two sets to Hbox (at GT-X). I think he’ll take it through winners.”


Make sure to tune in and support Redd as he fights his way to the top this weekend. We wish you the best of luck!


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