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Kyoto eSports takes on Shine 2017

1 year ago

By Clint “Landry” Thomas



This past weekend in Boston, Smash fans and players gathered in Boston for the second iteration of the Shine tournament series. Filled with amazing upsets, popoffs, and controversies, it was a major for the books. With Smashcon having taken place earlier in the month, August is looking to go down as one of the busiest months of Smash in 2017.





Redd and Bizzaro Flame



Our SSBM team made sure to make an appearance. Although they didn’t get too much time on stream, they managed to get into the top 96 bracket. BizzarroFlame placed 49th, losing to Legend in second wave pools, he entered the losers side of the top 96 having to play Ryobeat. After a 3-1 set with the Peach main, he went on to face Socal Fox, CDK. In a close 3-2 set, CDK bested our Gannon main.



Redd was able to once again break his 33rd curse and placed 25th. Taking out Heartstrings and LuigigoShard in his second round of pools, he lost to The Moon in the first round of winners of the top 96 bracket. In the losers side he pulled out a close 3-2 win against Kaeon before losing to the Peach main from Spain, Triff. The Spaniard would go on to get 9th place, losing to PewPewU.



[Redd vs Heartstrings:]



Although this month has been busy for Kyoto boys, the traveling won’t stop. Both Redd and Bizzaro will compete at Red Bull Smash Gods and Gatekeepers next weekend in Socal. With one of the most unique tournament formats the SSBM scene has yet to see, make sure to support our players as they fight against more of the best players in the world.



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