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What is Kyoto eSports?

1 year ago

Get to know Kyoto eSports, a company unlike any other. In this video, Oliver Denk, CEO, Owner, and Founder of Kyoto eSports walks you through Kyoto eSports's past, present, and future.

Kyoto eSports is one of the leading eSports organizers in North America, specializing in the game Hearthstone. We hold five tournaments each week, each consistently having between 100 and 150 participants. Our tournaments offer points for the official Hearthstone Championship Tour as prizes for the winners, attracting big-name players such as Pavel, the reigning Hearthstone World Champion, as well as many other players competing in the Championships. Because of our reach, we currently stand as the #1 Hearthstone tournament organizer in America, with over 180 tournaments hosted and thousands of participants. We stream these tournaments every night actually! We also have one of the best Rosters in Hearthstone; we currently have the 17th, 53rd, 60th, and 64th best players in America. All four of them will be attending the top 64 Spring Playoffs in about a week and if they get top four; they will be representing Kyoto eSports in Shanghai, China with the 16 best players in the world. We have also adapted to creating a SSBM roster, which is a secret for now but contains a player that is top 60 in the world and a partnered twitch streamer, a twitch streamer with over 15k followers, and an up and coming texas player.