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Kyoto eSports EVO 2017 Roundup

1 year ago

Kyoto eSports EVO 2017 Roundup
By Clint “Landry” Thomas

The most prestigious of all fighting game tournaments finally came and went this year. EVO 2017, the 16th entry of the prestigious series, welcomed somewhere around 6,800 attendees in Las Vegas competing in a catalog of different fighting games. With current generation fighters such as Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 all sharing a spot on the fight card, it made Super Smash Bros. Melee easily the oldest game at the tournament (if you ignore the numerous side tournaments that you can find at EVO).

Though it was the fifth time EVO has ran a SSBM bracket, it was the first time that it saw a drop in numbers from the preceding year. This could be in part to its top 8 finals losing its spot on the Sunday main stage. Since the scheduling announcement, some of the SSBM community have taken offense to change. Coupled with some top players who have criticized the event’s lack of available friendly setups and its insentience on using a 2/3 match format until the top 3 finals, a irregularity with Smash tournaments, it came as no surprise that there was a drop from the record breaking numbers that EVO 2016 saw, the largest SSBM tournament to date. Never the less, it still managed to be one of the largest tournaments for Smash this year.

As for the results, anyone could have predicted that the four “Gods” found themselves in the top 8 on Saturday night. Armada, Hungrybox, Mango, and Mew2King all came into top 8 sitting in winners side. The losers side had no lack of top player talent either, featuring Plup, The Moon, SFAT, and Lucky. At the end of the night, it came down to a match that players and fans had been hoping to see, an Armada vs. Mango grand finals. In the end, the outcome was what most had put their money on. Representing Alliance, Armada, the number 1 ranked player in the world, took home first place trophy without ever dropping a set, which has become a running motif for him so far this year.

Although they didn’t make it into Saturday night’s hype filled finals, Kyoto’s SSBM team showed that they weren’t just other names in pools that you could ignore. The team’s Ganon connoisseur, Jason “Bizzarro Flame” Yoon, fought hard to earn his 129th placing. After making it into winners side of his round 2 pools, he immediately had to fight rising the Norcal Ice Climbers main, dizzkidboogie. Dizz knocked Bizzarro into losers where he had to next play Australian smasher, DonB. The smasher from Melbourne took it over Yoon, ending his EVO run.

Meanwhile, resident Fox main, Austin “Redd” Self, won his first match of second round pools in a nail biting 2-1 set against Nakamaman, a Marth main hailing from Minnesota, pitting him against 5th place EVO finisher, Lucky. Unable to fight off the Socal Fox, Redd was forced to make a losers run for dear life. Waiting for him at losers finals of his pool was Darkatma, a duel Sheik and Peach main currently ranked 72nd on the MIOM ranking. Redd pulled out a 2-0 against the Midwesterner to find himself playing later that evening in the top 48 bracket. But waiting for him in the bracket was top Canadian player, Ryan Ford. With a 0-2, the Ontario Fox was able to knock Kyoto’s top MD/VA player out of the tournament.

Despite not making all of their goals at the tournament, both Bizzarro and Redd enjoyed the event, leaving them motivated to train harder.

With both players sights set on their continued improvement, SSBM fans can expect to see more upcoming positive placements from the Kyoto team.

“For our first Major SSBM Tournament, Kyoto eSports did fantastically,” said Kyoto eSports CEO, Oliver “Kanami” Denk. “There is only more to come from our team with both SSBM's and Kyoto's growth being consistently positive.”

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