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DisguiusedToast’s New 2-Card Exploit (Patched)

1 year ago


Step 1: Use Power Word: Glory on any minion.

Step 2: Play Mirage Caller on the Buffed Minion.

Step 3: Game should disconnect. The player who initiated exploit receives the win.

Here is the exploit used in action:

DisguisedToast's Tweet to Blizzard about being Suspended from Hearthstone

Seems fairly easy, correct? Unfortunately, this exploit does not work anymore. Also, Toast received a 72-hour ban even though he had presented it to Blizzard directly to solve and fix the problem. It was a correct decision by Toast to make this move, however, the infraction that he had crossed lines with was the debut of the exploit on stream. Twitch also did a pretty fast job of cleaning up the mess before it was able to spread out to a vast majority of the community.

Fun Facts:

  1. This isn’t the First time that Toast had exploited a glitch from the Journey to Un’Goro adventure. He was able to create a shadow visions glitch in where playing multiple copies of them in rapid succession would result to roping the other player’s turn.

  2.  Despite having been on the Hearthstone Page multiple times, Toast gets immediately shut down by Blizzard. Looks like their tolerance level for these kinds of acts is little to none.

Frodan poking fun at DisguisedToast over the Situation


  1. A Canadian Hearthstone Player also nicknamed the ID “ Toast” was incorrectly banned for this fault, where Disguised Toast calls out Blizzard for their mistake.


DisguisedToast pointing out Blizzard's mistake